Giving back is part of our culture. We’re actively involved with charities, communities and environmental causes across the globe and take pride in our achievements. Our approach and commitment to giving back enhances our working lives by keeping us engaged with the world around us and providing opportunities to contribute towards it. We believe that together we make a difference.

Working with local communities and sharing our skills

We know that sharing our knowledge of CV writing, interview techniques and the hiring process is important to help groups within our local communities to develop skills relevant for the job market. Our PageGroup offices, disciplines and regions investigate groups and foundations that would benefit from this input, and work closely with the individuals within them to develop their professional outlook.

South Africa: In our Johannesburg office, we’ve launched an inaugural learning scheme for women to show our commitment to skills development and female empowerment. Our 12 month programme offers seven full-time positions to women from disadvantaged backgrounds and gives the opportunity to gain professional, hands-on experience.

France: Teams in France support Nos Quartiers ont Du Talent, a non-governmental organisation, through a unique project. PageGroup executives help graduates from underprivileged areas regarding their job search, focusing on CV writing, cover letters, preparation for job interviews as well as building their self-esteem.

Partnering with charities

By working together with charities and associations, we can contribute towards initiatives which provide the vital support they need to continue raising awareness and funding research for important causes. In 2012, PageGroup raised £294,937 across our business globally for the causes we support.

UK: During our two year partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support we raised over £220k to fund four Macmillan cancer nurse specialists within four major UK cities. We raised money through quiz nights, cake sales, sweepstakes and some have pushed themselves to their physical limits through running marathons, throwing themselves out of planes and climbing mountains.

Brazil: We have supported a number of charitable causes in Brazil, including Fundação Gol de Letra, Casa Crescer e Brilhar and Casa do Zezinho who all focus on helping children from poverty stricken areas of the country. Our teams donated food, clothes and gave Christmas donations as well as volunteer work.